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Welcome to the BG blog, in which I offer practical advice on how to create thriving teams -- in couples, at the office, and even within yourself (yes, we each have a "team" of voices and players within). I'd love to hear your thoughts and how the posts are impacting you in the comments section. And do tell me more about what topics you are interested in reading about.

Leadership and the Art of Emotional Containment

All through dinner prep and catching up with my friend, I breathed into my discomfort as I focused my full attention on him. My task was to really reconnect with my friend. We swapped stories and smiles, and even with the nagging provocation hangover, I was enjoying the reunion. About halfway through the meal, a miraculous thing happened. . .

Leadership Koan: When Help Is Not

I want to shout to the Mother, “Go get your baby! Help it to stand! Help it to walk!” But Mama Giraffe won’t budge.

Honestly Speaking

It is important to consider when and how honesty is useful, and how much honesty is necessary to get your point across. It is good to see where some self-containment, little white lies and omissions are occasionally well employed. Therefore, when giving feedback or expressing honestly, ask the right questions. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind.

The Slippery Grip of Command and Control Leadership

We were celebrating the successful launch of my good friend’s new amazing business. We had already had a glass of champagne and were on our way to another. But the jovial feeling at the gathering was put at risk when my good friend pulled me aside and asked, “Can I ask your professional opinion about something?”

Leading from the Outside-In: Masks, Costumes and Other Tools of Leadership and Love

My partner loves to tease when he catches me putting on a little perfume before one of my online courses. “Do you think they’ll sit close enough to the webcam to smell you?” I understand how strange this seems. It’s just one of the things I do to get into professional character.

Where Does Authority Come From? A BlogPlay

FL: Maybe I don’t have enough vision. Maybe I’m not communicating well with them. They’re not getting it. I want to be able to have the same impact over there — but for some reason I’m not.

Do you relate to these concerns?

4 Ways to Lead in Relationship

Although it was a special Valentine’s Day dinner, in a very pricey restaurant, we could hear the conversation of the couple next to us all too well. They weren’t loud: We were quiet. Silent, in fact.

Hug, Talk, Text: Thoughts on Intimacy, Embodiment and Technology

I am a denizen of the modern world of dating, in which the telephone has become nearly extinct. To arrange dates and in between them, we stay in touch via text messaging, sometimes lengthy strings of them. I enjoy it, and I can’t help but wonder — what happened to talking?
In losing the voice contact, what have we lost?

Self-Leadership: Distinguishing Facts, Feelings and Fiction

A woman I know was preparing to interview for a huge internal promotion. She hired a coach to help her develop her C-level persona so she could really step into the role via body language,  leadership awareness, and even wardrobe. Throughout the exhaustive rounds of performance interviews, she kept a confident stride and spoke authoritatively with the partners on how she would add to the culture. There seemed to be no other candidates with her qualifications. She had a good feeling about it.

Leadership and the Art of Seeing Another

I once had an eccentric boss.
Everyone liked the head receptionist, but after a year on the job, her work ethic began to disintegrate. She made too many personal phone calls. She forgot to deliver important messages. She frequently arrived late.
The boss called her into his office for a chat in which everyone, including her, thought she would be fired.