I invite you, in your resolution making this year, to include three little dark creatures that are disguised as enemies, but are invaluable in helping you really bite the bullet and move towards your potential.

Years ago I heard a captivating talk by Resonate author Nancy Duarte at the World Domination Summit. Duarte’s talk, delivered seamlessly and in fact, resonating deeply, was about the elements of a great speech.  Her talk modeled everything she spoke of: it had a good story arc in which the audience was the hero, and she, as guide, clearly illustrated the potential for our success as speakers. She spoke mostly of renown speakers like Martin Luther King Jr. and Steve Jobs, but she included just the right...

If you feel that your current job (or lack there of) is not challenging you or utilizing the depth of your creativity or healing skills, you'll start to dream of what you could be doing. Some of those dreams will be escapist -- you recognize them because they include fantasies like giving your academy award speech or doing nothing on a deserted island. Without your children. Forever.

When you compare where you are with where you want to be, you will feel inadequate (a flavor of shame). When you compare where you are with others who are doing what you want to do, you will feel deflated (yet another flavor!). And when you set out to do that big marketing thing that you are avoiding, and your avoidance wins, you will feel slightly more than disappointed in yourself. How to keep moving?

Resistance, Shmizistance: Stop calling your avoidance Resistance and have some fun. Has knowing you're resisting something ever helped you stop resisting it? Not for me. The word resistance activates that inner authoritarian. There's a better way to self-lead.