So many people get unhinged during traveling. Atypical hostility and tension mount. The rush, the anxiety, the transition seems to throw people over the edge. Here are a few tips that might help you and your partner get through it with more ease.

You may not need leadership skills to make your vacation a smash — but consider these five simple steps to make what you have planned even better.

Whether or not you live in the Northeast, you’ve probably heard that winter came for a belated visit, right in the middle of spring. Some people loved the fact that after a warm, arid season, they got a taste of winter. But most bemoaned the fact that they had to dig out their winter wears again, one week after walking around in shirt sleeves. And on that note, the late visit from winter put a big dent in my spring....

September: That bittersweet month for summer lovers when the lightly marked appointment books and lively green memories fade into the speckled background of fall foliage. It’s a time of new beginnings: a new school year, new projects, new ambitions, goals and if you’re lucky, a new pair of boots. Change is literally in the air, and in the quality and vibrancy of the light. Many books are written about human beings’ fear of change. My observation is that it isn’t...

When people are under the gun, unless they are super clear on what their job is, they may unconsciously resort to four main default "jobs," while what they are actually contracted to do takes a close, sometimes distant second.

Sheila and Tracy found themselves arguing mercilessly about logistics. Who was doing more household tasks? How was the middle child going to get to piano on Wednesday? When would Tracy have time to go back to yoga? Who was going to figure out the logistics of getting them to a family reunion in August? The stress became overwhelming, and threatened to destroy them.

Even if you work at home in your PJ’s at a job you love, being in any one mode for an extended period of time — be it work, parent or even play — has a diminishing effect. A Soul Fetch, described more fully below, is a way to transition out of the role you play during the day and get back to the fluid essential you, returning to yourself some of the energy you have been putting out there.

I once lived in an ashram where hours of time would be put into very detailed and laborious tasks, such as filing tens of thousands of letters, painting a meditation hall or peeling hundreds of pounds of apples. At some point well towards the end of an exhaustive assignment, the teacher would come by and notice a very small but essential mistake that the success of the entire project was contingent upon. And so we had to start over from...

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past two decades, you already know what to do to reduce stress, and you don't need a "professional" to tell you yet again to slow down, eat right, sleep enough, and exercise. What to do? Prepare.

I was writing, or attempting to write in my favorite coffee shop, when I couldn't help but overhear a conversation between two women, one complaining vigorously about going home for Thanksgiving.