I for one will never understand why Donald Trump’s candidacy did not end at “grab ‘em by the pussy.” Well, maybe Mueller has some key intel that will one day help me make sense of it, but until then, when people harrumph and slap their foreheads at the latest presidential gaff, exclaiming, this time he’s really done himself in!, I just shake my head and roll my eyes, because I still can’t get over the fact that it didn’t end...

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This weekend I celebrated the 50th year of a close friend. It was a momentous and intimate gathering, and many people who could not attend contributed their thoughts and feelings about the birthday girl via letters to be read aloud. As we sat around the candlelit table, sharing these heartfelt words of appreciation, I could feel what a profound and powerful gift was being exchanged. We were all deeply moved, ricocheting between bursts of laughter and tears. My friend saw...

When a big storm is coming, mother nature lets you know. Wind, clouds, humidity and barometric pressure all change in established and predictable ways. Relationship patterns are not so different from weather. If you want to change the stormy patterns in your relationship, I recommend you begin to look for the warning signs in your partner, and take cover. (6th post in the Leadership in Relationship Series).

Listening to these women mirror their modern, mate-selection process back to me, I realized how dismissive and petty we have become in our search for love. The desire to connect with another human has been reduced to a consumeristic process in which we pursue a collection of attributes, and try to order up our partners like we would a pizza or a coffee.

Did you just get an amazing new job or promotion, and now are feeling shaky, like despite all your leadership training, you don’t know what to do? Or perhaps you’re sick of saying to yourself, to your friends, to your therapist or coach: I want to feel more confident as a boss; I want that promotion, that new level of business impact, or even that exciting equal life partner — and then not doing anything about it. Don’t wait until...

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I was talking to a man who described his terrific new full-time job as if it were a failure. I felt compelled to validate his choices.

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I once had an eccentric boss. Everyone liked the head receptionist, but after a year on the job, her work ethic began to disintegrate. She made too many personal phone calls. She forgot to deliver important messages. She frequently arrived late. The boss called her into his office for a chat in which everyone, including her, thought she would be fired.

The second post in the Relationship as Team Series, scheduled maintenance talks require couples who avoid talking to each other to move towards conscious teamwork and allows couples who work too hard to live life with each other, instead of processing life with each other all the time.

In the fourth post in the Leadership in Relationship Series, Amber and her boyfriend use leadership principles to co-create a partnership that diminishes drama, minimizes the tendency to get emotionally wound up and take everything personally, and increase the flow of communication, connection and closeness.