A woman I know was preparing to interview for a huge internal promotion. She hired a coach to help her develop her C-level persona so she could really step into the role via body language,  leadership awareness, and even wardrobe. Throughout the exhaustive rounds of performance interviews, she kept a confident stride and spoke authoritatively with the partners on how she would add to the culture. There seemed to be no other candidates with her qualifications. She had a good feeling about it.

Whether or not you live in the Northeast, you’ve probably heard that winter came for a belated visit, right in the middle of spring. Some people loved the fact that after a warm, arid season, they got a taste of winter. But most bemoaned the fact that they had to dig out their winter wears again, one week after walking around in shirt sleeves. And on that note, the late visit from winter put a big dent in my spring....

Today the events of the Boston Marathon have finally caught up with me. I've been avoiding it. But I did manage to take a photo of the Freedom Tower, to remind us all of resurrection.