So many people get unhinged during traveling. Atypical hostility and tension mount. The rush, the anxiety, the transition seems to throw people over the edge. Here are a few tips that might help you and your partner get through it with more ease.

You may not need leadership skills to make your vacation a smash — but consider these five simple steps to make what you have planned even better.

Here we are, again at the start. So many new opportunities to lead in love, to hold your own while loving another. To love, without losing you. We look for impact in our profession, in our level of success: how much did we earn, how did we lead, what contributions did we make? But we often neglect to assess the direct impact we have daily in our personal world:     Impact on our children, our parents, our partners, our...

In the third post in the Relationship as a Team Series, Ed doesn't want to take the garbage out at night. It's too cold, he's tired. Susan finds this frustrating. In the morning it's too full, or too smelly. If he forgets, then she has to do it. They have this fight a few nights a week, before bed.