Whether or not you live in the Northeast, you’ve probably heard that winter came for a belated visit, right in the middle of spring. Some people loved the fact that after a warm, arid season, they got a taste of winter. But most bemoaned the fact that they had to dig out their winter wears again, one week after walking around in shirt sleeves. And on that note, the late visit from winter put a big dent in my spring....

Everything of high value requires your protection: Your sentimental objects, your iPhone, your children, your health, your IRA. So why not your dear, dear heart? Counter to popular new age philosophy that being open with and about everything is the key to living well, I am going to counsel you to protect your vulnerability.

I recently received this comment from a colleague who unsubscribed from my e-mail list: "I just have too many emails coming into my box, I need to streamline, you understand!" I certainly do understand.