These sites listed represent practitioners and services recommended by Blair Glaser.

Drama Therapy: 

NADTA, The North American Drama Therapy Association -- Many resources for Drama Therapists or those interested in studying or becoming drama therapists.

Developmental Transformations - A creative, exciting and playful way to grow through improvised play between therapist and client. Check it out! - A comprehensive site listing schools, practitioners and jobs for dramatherapists nationwide.

Personal Growth :

JillLeigh, Clairvoyant Energy Healer Jill is a real, generous and vibrant presence. Her work has increased my focus, creativity and my ability to be authentic and in my body in any given situation.

Sites for Women: - Mission is to share information, encourage, educate and inspire individuals and groups of all ages within the community to find expression thru the arts as a proactive tool for healing, empowerment, education and communication, as well as artistic collaboration.

Organizations for Women: 

V-Day Eve Ensler spearheaded this great organization which uses theatre (the play "The Vagina Monologues" and others)to raise funds for grass-roots antiviolence orgs. for women. I worked as a core employee of V-Day for 5 years.
Women for Women, Int. -- An organization that helps U.S. women provide financial and emotional assistance to women abroad who are in programs to better their impovershed or war-torn lives.

Nutrition / Wellenss: 

FloLiving -- Healing hormonal issues holistically through food and attitude.

Woodstock Wellness - Dr. Alan Hutchins helps you improve health, mood and attitude through chiropractic, nutrition and consciousness.