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"Inner Actions" (2011). Blair's monthly column about conscious living on!

Off The Hook (2007). Freeing oneself from those non-verbal snares. Published by Chronogram, January 2008.

Stretching and Falling (2006). Revitalizing your inner life. Published by Chronogram, April 2007.

Ancient traditions within a new drama therapy method: shamanism and Developmental Transformations (2004). Read a fascinating article about this revolutionary form of drama therapy. Published in The Arts in Psychotherapy Journal.

Surrendering the Bennies (2004). A story about holding out for what you deserve.

The Weighting Game (2003). How many women do you know who don't think either they are fat, or hate some part of their bodies? Published in 2003 on, Flow Magazine UK, and Judith's Table, a former website celebrating feminist spirituality.

Wellness Tips for the New Year, Chronogram, The Hudson Valley's Arts, Spirit, Culture Magazine, January 2009. Blair weighs in with other Hudson Valley healers about the challenges of change.

Writing their own 'Vagina Monologues', L.A. Times, March 11, 2003. Eve Ensler's production is the inspiration for a daylong workshop that explores sexuality. Read Renee Tawa's article on the workshop.

Empowering Women Through Sexuality, Two River Times, NJ, March 5, 2004. Announcing "The Courage to Be in Your Body" workshop at Brookdale Community College.

Below is a compilation of frequently asked questions. Whenever you are considering working with someone, it's natural to have a host of questions and I hope you'll find yours here. If not, contact me! For easier viewing, click on the frame [ ] on the bottom right corner of the videos

FAQ: Are you a therapist, mentor, coach or consultant?

FAQ: What qualifies you to help me?

FAQ: I've been in therapy before. How is this different?

FAQ: Why would I want to hire a therapist for my organization?

FAQ: Do you work with men?

FAQ: I'm frustrated in love. What's leadership got to do with it?

FAQ: What if my partner doesn't want to come to therapy?

FAQ: Tell me more about the connection between leadership and love.

FAQ: Is it true your dog sits in on in-person sessions?

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Why You Need to Get Your Shit Together Now

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Blair's TEDx Talk:

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An audition for MY OWN show on the Oprah Network

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