“The old story about meeting, falling in love, getting married, and living to old age together just doesn’t fit the modern world anymore. The human psyche has become increasingly complex, especially when it comes to love and relationships. I’m here to tell you that when trying to understand oneself in this respect and navigate through the complexities associated with relationships that there is help, and her name is Blair Glaser.”

B.H., Physician, Albany, NY


You may have gotten here through a friend, or via one of my many articles and posts about relationships published across various internet publications like YourTango, Huffington Post and The Good Men Project.

Good looks are nice, and success is, too. But true sex appeal — for those who are ready for deep and lasting connection  — comes from standing in one’s authority. Imagine being with someone whose clarity on what s/he wants, and whose desire for love, is stronger than his or her insecurity. That’s what I’m talking about.

I can train you to live boldly, confidently, and learn how to be a leader in your search for love and in your relationships.


Here are some ways that process can begin:

1. Hangout on the blog for a while and check out the many posts about how to bring your leadership to your relationships.

2. Check out popular articles such as What to do when your boyfriend pulls a pullback (Your Tango); How much work is my relationship supposed to be? (Huff Po) and Authenticity is Hot, Bad to the Bone is Not

3. Get help and clarifying information right now by taking a mini-course, like How to Be in a Relationship Without Losing Yourself.

4. Visit the sales page for Intimate Authority: A 7-week course teaching singles and couples how to have more fun and less drama, without losing your self. There’s no better way to learn how to lead in love than to take this online course and start developing the tools you need to create and handle the love you want.

5. Work with me privately. If you are conflicted about your current relationship, your recent past relationships, or any relationship at home or in the office, you can learn more about my relationship mentoring and couples counseling here.