Blair works with leaders to create and facilitate on-site, off-site, extensive and mini-retreats.

These retreats can be used to foster innovation, enhance leadership and teamwork, remove blocks from productivity, gain clarity on roles and vision, and set the stage for future development.


  • Team Building
  • Strategic Planning
  • Vision Creation
  • Combo-retreats
  • Customized trainiings
  • Prices are dependent on the scope of work, the amount of time and location. For more information, contact Blair.



    How would your life change if you took the time to slow down?

    These days we are all moving so fast.

    Rest, nature, and quiet help you integrate the different facets of your fast-paced life, so that you can feel whole. They help you restore vitality, and allow your creative juices to start flowing again.

    When you allow yourself to disconnect from the constant need to be “connected,” you reconnect with the vital aspects of a purposeful life: wonder and tranquility.

    Maybe you want to be guided through a nature-filled, relaxing personal retreat. Or perhaps there’s a specific issue that you know that requires serious attention, but life keeps getting in the way. Maybe there’s a corner you have wanted to turn forever, something you are stalling on, or a pattern you’d like to shift.

    One way to attain these goals is by working intensely to slow down, reconnect and find some mastery.

    How would your life change if you finally invested in making some of the changes you crave?

    If you need a jumpstart, long to feel expanded and relaxed, and are itching for a deep and focused growth experience, I provide afternoon, daylong and overnight intensive retreats at my studio in Woodstock.

    Retreats are an investment in you. Think of them as part vision quest, part spa vacation, part personal intensive workshop. Think of them as preparation for the new life you envision.

    Solo Intensive Retreats offer:

    • deep one-on-one attention to your specific situation
    • a unique variety of experiences designed to reshape your perspective
    • time spent in the beauty of nature
    • a respite from technology
    • healthy, delicious home-cooked, nourishing meals in accordance with your diet
    • access to hot tub (all season) and pool (seasonal)
    • a reset button

    Retreats help individuals and couples to go within, turn a corner, and emerge ready to return to life or work in a bigger way.

    Pre-retreat and follow-up sessions are included in the prices of day long, overnight and weekend retreats.

    Each retreat is custom designed with you and your situation in mind! Pre-retreat and follow-up sessions are included in day long, overnight and weekend retreats. Call for more information.

    Retreat Prices