Authority Makeover

Confidence. Mastery. Embodiment. Self-expression. Income.

These are states that we crave. These elements give our lives purpose and ease.

Yet they so often feel out of our grasp.

You have strengths you may not realize that can help you in your movement forward.

You just need someone else to see them.

“In the Authority Makeover I received a deeper sense that my natural strengths are in fact precious gifts I offer to others, and that there are ways to embody them that will help me feel more comfortable while connecting more easily to potential clients. And confirmation that how I’m currently showing up is working more than it’s not!”

Welcome to Authority Makeover — a unique opportunity to lead yourself into a new level of self-expression, personal leadership, and making an impact.

Would you like to get over your fear of playing bigger?

Would you like to trust in your ability to sit in the driver’s seat of your life?

How about seeing avenues for growth that suit your persona?

If you answered, uh huh!
Authority Makeover will be a sound an investment in your future.

Here’s how it works:
1. When you sign up, you send me an email that includes one specific personal or professional way you are looking to up your game.


  • I want to feel more confident as a speaker and get more courage to find places to speak and teach.
  • I’m ready to sit in a corner office at the financial firm where I’ve been working for 10 years.
  • I want to stop taking what happens so personally and getting derailed by it.
  • I finally got the promotion I’ve been working for, but I feel way in over my head. I want to feel more competent as a leader.

2. I will send you 3 tailor-made questions for you to answer. These three questions are completely customized for you and your situation (don’t worry, they will be completely appropriate).

Example:“Tell me the story of how you decided to become a [enter your profession here]”

3. You will answer these questions in a three to five minute homespun VIDEO, which you can take via webcam, smartphone, tablet, or even a video camera if you have one and you prefer to use it.

4. When I watch your video, I will be listening to the content and looking for your obvious and hidden strengths. In a 45-minute authority makeover coaching session via Zoom or phone, I will ask a few questions and share with you my reflections, including 1-3 strategic suggestions about how to use your strengths in moving forward towards your stated goal.


The Makeover Session will lay out clear strategies for how to proceed in the direction you want to go. But you may not feel capable of taking action or really stepping into your power and authority without further guidance, feedback and accountability. If you want partnership in moving forward, further coaching and accountability sessions can be added, or can be purchased in Makeover Packages at sign-up. There is an option for two extra coaching sessions, and a COMPLETE makeover package with guaranteed transformation, that includes 6 bi-weekly sessions (Makeover session, plus 5).

Sound fun?

“In Blair’s Authority Makeover I received personalized compassion; insightful feedback; specific strategies to help me grow in the areas where my shadow is showing up instead of my strength; and open-hearted, generous support towards becoming a more empowered expert and speaker!”

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Why You (aka Blair)

If you aren’t that familiar with my work, I have helped countless people like you—Executives, creatives, leaders, and growth-minded folk—to stand in their authenticity and courage in order to create the lives they dream of. Although my work falls into the categories of consulting and training more than therapy or coaching, I’ve been a licensed therapist and in practice for 17 years.

I’m confident we can figure this out. E-mail me with any questions about the process.

Why Video

I listen deeply to the content of what you share, and when I see you share your answers, I look for how you present yourself, how your body and energy connect with the words, what signals you may be sending, and what strengths you have that you may not be aware of. This helps me reflect for you which parts of your persona you want to activate and connect to in order to make the shifts you are looking for.

Why Now

Haven’t you been waiting long enough?

The world needs what you have to offer. The call to stand in your potential will not get any softer no matter how hard you try to stifle it!


Once you sign up, the process occurs in the space of 10 days. Probably less, but no more.

When I receive the email with a specific goal, I will send you three questions to answer via video and available times for your follow-up session. If you do not receive an email from me within 48 hours, something’s gone wrong!

We will set up a time for your makeover session. You have up to five days to answer the three questions in one 3-5 minute video. You can contemplate the answers before you record the video or simply free fall on video. Up to you.

Send me video in mov. format via email,, or via a private folder in Dropbox if you have it and prefer to use it. Dropbox users — let me know before you send and I’ll set up our folder.

Our 45-minute makeover session will take place via telephone, Zoom, FaceTime or Google Hangout. I will ask you a few questions, reflect on strengths and offer you one-three strategies for moving forward.

If you like I will send you a recording of our call.

We will have 10 days at the most from sign-up to complete the process.

“I appreciate the way Blair picked three questions directly out of what I wrote…. very personalized, custom feel. I had fun doing the video and received fresh perspective on an old issue. With Blair’s actionable recommendations, I’ve been been making easy shifts into new territory.”

Frankie Mancini, artist

Is an Authority Makeover right for me?

When you make an investment in your personal growth, you want to know that it is going to be worth it. You need to feel connected to the guide, their mission and their style of working. Book a free 20 minute consultation to see if Authority Makeover is right for you.

Valuable feedback that shines a light on your brightness. . . What are you waiting for?

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