Relationship Mini-courses


COURSE #1: How To Be in Relationship Without Losing Yourself

“Wow. How much can you learn about love in 45 minutes? Blair encouraged me to take it after I missed the webinar [of the same name]. This course was surprisingly fresh and sophisticated. I feel much clearer about getting the love I want.”

Angela R., Nurse, NJ

Independence vs. Love? This mini-course will help you if you:

  • You are afraid of commitment because relationships are a time suck
  • You crave intimacy but fear that you might be engulfed by a romantic relationship
  • You stop “being yourself” when in relationships, or focus too much on what your partner thinks or feels

You may be preventing yourself from the intimacy your heart desires with some false conceptions. We do lose certain things when we enter into relationships. But we only “lose ourselves” when we stop communicating. When we stop standing in our authority and advocating for our needs because we don’t know how to do so without creating a mess.
Join me in this 1 hour mini- course — which is deeper, more accessible, and free from the perpetual selling that goes on in a free webinar — that will help you open to deep love by exploring:

  • The difference between what you lose and losing yourself
  • The difference between relationship needs and personal needs
  • Key signs that you are ‘losing yourself’
  • Key tips on how to stand in your authority in relationship

Does this resonate?
If you are:

  • single
  • dating
  • married
  • or simply curious about how to have more authority in relationship . . .

Sign up for the course for only $65.

What are you waiting for? Isn’t your heart worth it? Click on the link for more information and to sign up!

Mini-course #2: The “Right Roles” Mini-course: How Not To Be Your Partner’s Therapist, Life Coach, Healer, etc.

“I never thought a mini-course could have quite that much value. But this one hour certainly did. I reflect back on what I learned in order to get more of what I want in my marriage — all the time.”
—Susan O., PsyD., NYC

Have you ever been frustrated at your partner because you keep giving him or her advice which they NEVER take? We live in a time where there is no shortage of universal wisdom at our fingertips. When you are able to use that wisdom and your talents to provide accurate analysis, good advice or rich reflections to your lover in a time of need, it feels GOOD.

But it’s not always good for intimate relationships.

WHY? I learned the hard way that in romantic relationships, therapizing, consulting or coaching my partner on a regular basis was also:

  • Diminishing my partner’s sense of empowerment
  • A way of avoiding being loved
  • An invitation to cycles of praise and rejection
  • Basing my worth on my ability to be of service
  • Setting the stage for later abandonment (when your partner outgrows their need for you)

So I learned to effectively step out of the therapist role into different kinds of relationship roles that so that I can love and truly be loved.

“Thank you so much! The call was timely and the content resonated with me immensely on various levels. I liked the idea of keeping the ball in play by being responsible for what happens on our side of the net and letting the other person be responsible for when the ball comes to his/her side of the court.”

You can learn how to enjoy your partner and being loved much more as well! How Not To Be Your Partner’s Therapist is a 1 hour mini-course, which you can access as many times as you like, is just $65.

Sign-up and begin it now.

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