Authority Mentoring

This page describes personal mentoring work, click here for professional consulting

“I was a client of Blair’s for five years. Of all the folks I have worked with over the years, Blair — more than anyone else before or since her — guided me to find my own authority and therefore my authenticity, in a very grounded and gentle way. I highly recommend this work to anyone who wants to grow in relationship with another or with yourself!”

Authority is more than confidence. It’s confidence plus creativity.

Creating a life you feel thrilled by is no easy feat, but the rewards are endless. And no one can do it in a vacuum. If you’re hitting roadblocks you can’t clearly see, you’ll start to feel disoriented, frustrated, dissatisfied. This is good. It’s the beginning of the end of what doesn’t work.

When you are truly ready to authorize yourself to invest in yourself, and get the feedback, guidance, and skills you need to shape your life the way you want it, you’re primed for the kind of leadership I provide and teach.

Are you with me?

Step into your authority via authority mentoring.

Let’s talk.

Blair has helped me to move through so many changes: leaving an unhealthy marriage, going though a divorce, being diagnosed with cancer, enduring difficult treatment, moving forward as a cancer survivor, preparing myself for a big location move. She has helped me understand the value of personal leadership, a role that before working with Blair, I more often than not relinquished to someone else. With her guidance, I continue to find my voice, my authority, my “protector.” Blair inspires hope.

Jennifer Mock, HS Counselor, Addis, Ethiopia


You may be proficient in many areas, and you may also struggle with these common issues:

  • Speaking up
  • People pleasing
  • Committing to love or work
  • Losing yourself in relationship
  • Motivating yourself and / or following through
  • Knowing how to create an authentic professional or public persona

Perhaps you’ve already:

  • Had some therapy or coaching that didn’t quite fit
  • Immersed yourself in a spiritual practice that didn’t provide the answer to life
  • Studied “good” communication –but still feel you’re not being understood

We all need mentoring and guidance at various times in our lives. If you’re ready to do the real work of change, in order to create a love-filled life of which you — not your doubts and insecurities — are the leader, let’s find out if we’re a good fit. Book an interview here.

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In one gratis meeting (occasionally it takes two) over the phone — we will start to discover what the work is and explore what you might expect to have accomplished when we are done. Sessions are lively and include rich questions, transformational dialogue, unique assignments, occasional role-playing and always good storytelling (mostly yours, occasionally mine).

Although people experience immediate shifts, many come to appreciate being known deeply in a creative partnership which, over time, offers the ease of growing with someone who cares, who can keep up with you and who can keep an eye out for your strengths and ultimately help you organize your inner world so that you can stand fully in your authority.


I work as a consultant, on retainer. We create a flexible contract for a particular time period, and you are billed monthly until that period ends.

Sessions are 55 minutes. I have an office on the Westside of Los Angeles, but I have been working for many years via phone and webcam internationally.

Everything is confidential.

Payments by check, credit card or paypal.

Pricing: Contracts start with weekly meetings for three months at $1200 a month, then can be reduced to twice monthly for $700.

48-hour cancellation policy applies to all sessions.

Is it worth the investment?
If you’re ready, here’s what I guarantee you will get from our work:

  • Mentorship: Guidance, Clarity, Care, Trust
  • Tools and Skills to move towards your vision
  • Perspective and Insight into your situation
  • Relief from feeling alone in it all
  • Experience working in a creative partnership
  • Increased sense of hope and agency

We’ll know the work is completed when you have made the significant changes you set out to in your personal and / or professional life, and possess a feeling of mastery and true authority.

Let’s discuss the possibilities.

Call or email for more information.

Our work can also be packaged in couples or individual retreats.

Blair’s knowledge, clear focus, guidance and caring presence has helped me connect many dots and given me the confidence to think bigger than I ever previously thought of. I am very grateful and excited about that, and can recommend her highly to anyone who wishes to advance their life or business.

Doris Barnes, Grassroots Organizer, Personal Assistant, Photographer