Business Development

Grow or perish.
The question is . . . HOW?

“The value we got out of working with Blair was really centered in her amazing ability to listen, synthesize our expression of values and goals into practice, then repeat that back to us in a format that we could act on. The direction we suspected we should go in was re-learned and affirmed, and we gained both confidence in ourselves and a level of acceptance with the uncertainty that comes with growing a business.”

Whether you are a small business owner with a big idea, or a nonprofit founder with a big mission, getting from here to there often feels overwhelming. That’s partially because you’re doing it all by yourself.

If, after plowing through online marketing seminars, self-lead business development retreats, and a variety of business books, you realize that for all your hard efforts at moving forward you are spinning your wheels, it’s time to invest in a more tailored, structured approach.

I listen deeply for the creative and strategic impulses brewing within in small businesses and nonprofits, and help businesses grow through a variety of phase shifts.

I offer partnership and strategic input to the leaders and teams of organizations I work with.

Some areas I can assist in are:

  • Mission and vision clarification
  • Branding
  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership and organizational development
  • Employee hiring and retention
  • Business and Marketing plans
  • Authentic leadership persona: Including Preparing for presentations, public speaking, increasing authority

I also create custom-made retreats for a deep dive into your next steps as a business creator and leader.

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In one or two gratis meetings over the phone — we will outline the work and explore what you can expect to have accomplished when we are done. Sessions are lively and include rich questions, inspiring exercises, unique assignments, occasional role-playing and always good storytelling (mostly yours, occasionally mine).



I work as a consultant, on retainer. We create a flexible contract for a particular time period (min. three months) and you are billed monthly until that period ends.

Meetings are 55 minutes. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for most meetings. I have been working for years via phone and webcam internationally. I also have an office on the Westside of LA. 


Pricing is determined once the scope of the work is fleshed out. This may take one or more exploratory calls. Monthly retainers usually range from $1800 -$2500/mo., with a few exceptions. Interested? Contact me for more information, or click here for an exploratory call.

“Blair helped me define the vision for my practice, and take the necessary steps to grow my business. I would never have come so far so quickly without it! She provides both the strategy and accountability necessary to achieve your goals, and the emotional support to integrate your progress. I would recommend her to any solo practitioner or small business wanting to scale to the next level.”

— Alicia Jay, Social Change Consultant, Coach