Partnership Coaching

“Blair is my goto resource for relationship issues. She gives me a window into what might be happening for my partner and a better way of responding to it. It is such a relief to understand what’s really happening and that I can have a positive impact on my partner and my relationship, instead of unintentionally effing it up all the time.”

Mike R., Consultant, NYC

Learn to co-author your relationship, as a team.

  • Are you “working” on your relationship too much?
  • Are you having the same fights over and over?
  • Are you sick of each other but don’t really want to split?
  • Do you feel like roommates?
  • Do you think you may never find a relationship that works?

Wouldn’t it be great to relax, have more fun, take things less personally, and experience greater ease in communication and activities — at work or at home with your loved ones? I can teach you how to collaborate, communicate, connect and create a vision for your relationship – one that will help you and your partner experience less drama and more connection.

My promise: If you are willing to show up and reflect on your behavior, relationship satisfaction is well within your reach.

Business Partnerships — You have exciting things to create, and an important mission and vision to realize. But without a clear picture of and agreement on what those things are, and without being crystal clear on who is responsible for what, partnerships fail. Don’t let a great business partnership and friendship end up in ruins. Learn how to co-lead in a successful collaboration. Stop reading and call me for more info.

Romantic Partnerships — I will guide you as a couple to formulate a clear, united vision that will reconnect you with your values and help you connect and communicate more easily. I will teach you how (and when) to have important conversations, without a lot of drama. You will learn what fights are worth having, and how to have them so you end up feeling connected rather than polarized and tense.

Want more fun with your partner? Invest in love.

For ROMANTIC PARTNERSHIP GROWTH, we will work towards resolution of these issues and passages:

  • Moving in / moving towards marriage
  • Chronic fighting / frustration
  • Recovering from infidelity
  • Generalized Marriage Blahs
  • Exit from Roommate-ville / sexual disconnect
  • The Daily Juggle – establish who “leads” in certain areas of the relationship and why, who does what chores, how to co-parent, and how to deal with the limitless possibilities of managing personal and professional lives while keeping a relationship in tact.

See what past clients have said about working with Blair on Park Slope Parents.

The Consultancy Model

I have a degree and background as a therapist, but I am truly a consultant to your relationship, and consider myself a mix of coach and trainer.

After an initial phone conversation, in one meeting (occasionally it takes two) — over the phone, computer or in person (limited availability in LA) — we will discover what your work is, and create the best structure for us to work together, and what you might expect when we are done. I put this into a contract which you both will sign.

I work on a monthly retainer, and my consultancy to your relationship can be arranged in short and longer term contracts. Although people experience immediate shifts — many come to appreciate being known deeply in a partnership which over time, offers the ease of growing with someone who cares, who can keep up with you and keep an eye out for your blind spots and ultimately help you thrive in love.

Since I have a degree and license, you can call me your therapist if you prefer, and receive out-of-network coverage with some insurance carriers.

Pricing / Logistics

Initial Consultations for couples counseling (not business partnership) are $300/ for a 1 hr (50 minute) session. Your session is reserved in advance by check, credit card or Venmo. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy; 48-hours for in-person sessions.

Then we decide which option is best for your problem, budget and goals, and we create a contract for the work we are doing to do. The most popular option is the $600 / mo option, which includes two sessions, scheduled by you via scheduler to meet your own needs (I work Saturday mornings as well), and unlimited email contact. Crisis options are $1000 / mo and are downgraded whenever the crises has subsided. There is a three-month minimum. Payment is due at the beginning of each month.

We’ll discuss all of this after the initial session. Call me with any questions.

“The old story about meeting, falling in love, getting married, and living to old age together just doesn’t fit the modern world anymore. The human psyche has become increasingly complex, especially when it comes to love and relationships. I’m here to tell you that when trying to understand oneself in this respect and navigate through the complexities associated with relationships that there is help, and her name is Blair Glaser.”

Scott Cronin, Woodstock, NY

In the meantime, don’t wait. Let’s talk about how I can help you both get back on track to the love you signed on for.

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