Executive Coaching


Are your efforts to lead mitigated by a constant need to put out fires?

Do you struggle with knowing how to have certain kinds of uncomfortable conversations, how to get your team to work effectively, and create a culture that breeds productivity and loyalty?

“Blair’s wisdom helped me through a major job transition. I also hired her for team building and leadership sessions with a group that needed guidance working with each other. They effectively learned to earn respect from other teams and work with a new leader that was promoted from a group of peers. Blair’s insight was well received. I would recommend her for both individual and group sessions.”

Annemarie Gilly, COO, Miller Howard Investments

I help leaders — not just executives but also managers and business owners — step into their authority and cultivate their leadership presence — from building teams, running meetings and giving presentations, to creating effective off-site retreats. I work with leaders to quickly identify what’s in the way of productivity so that they can leverage their strengths, increase their ability to connect to and influence those they work with, and improve their skills and awareness in the following areas:

  • Role Clarification
  • Relationship building
  • Leadership, Teamwork and delegation
  • Culture Creation
  • Accessing Creative Strategic Thinking
  • Authentic leadership persona: Including Preparing for presentations, public speaking, increasing authority

I also create custom-made trainings and retreats for executives, managers, entrepreneurs and their teams. Interested? Contact me for prices and more information, or click here for an exploratory session.

“I collaborated with Blair on a challenging organizational project and was impressed with her knowledge and insight for helping individuals and their organizations operate at their best. Blair’s enthusiasm, commitment and persistence energized the project such that obstacles fell by the wayside.”

Howard Rosenberg, CEO Novomont Ventures

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