Walk With Me

“Having been an executive coach for the past 25 years, I am used to giving advice and not easily open to receiving it. Even when I do seek advice from others, there is an inherent skepticism. Blair is one of the rare individuals I not only listen to, but seek her advice and counsel. When I need someone to cut through to the heart of the issue, Blair provides a magnified mirror of my current reality that reflects how I got where I am and what I need to do to move forward.”

Scott Cronin, Executive Coach/Consultant

Pack up your current struggles and bring them with you to New York’s Hudson Valley, for a streamside walk in the woods. These 1 to 3 hour walks have been known to birth innovative, creative ideas; alter stuck perspectives, and solve major relationship problems. With a little help from nature, these walks are guaranteed to take mentees in a new business or life direction.


Walks include twenty-minute prep and follow-up sessions, a substantial hike and the mysteries of nature to shed new light on:

Conundrums in life and love
Creative projects
Team issues
Family concerns

Contact Blair for more information. Walk with Me sessions are currently offered at $750.00.