Happy January, The Blank Slate

This week I was struggling to comprehend why we begin the New Year in January, as opposed to, say, spring, when the phrase “turn over a new leaf” would have greater seasonal relevance. I always experience January as a rather dreary month, when we recover from the rush and family dance of the holidays, while simultaneously trying to jumpstart our lives back to “normal.”

Last night, when my evening plans were buried under the blanket of snow, I was left to contemplate emptiness. The landscape outside my windows revealed various shades of white and gray; it was bleak and beautiful all at once. I began to understand the significance of January as the perfect beginning; it is a blank slate. It can be cold and hollow, bare and lonely, and somewhat colorless — like an empty canvas, rife with possibility. It is void-like, and therefore, the perfect setting for the creative impulse.

This January, as the popular month for getting out those brushes and making bold strokes of change in your life, I wish you a Happy New Year with a very creative start. If you live in an area of the world that is warm and sunny — well then, enjoy the warmth. But for those in colder climates, may the bleakest winter months be rich and colorful in your heart, and may the year bring you the best of what life has to offer.

And remember, Love Yourself no matter what.

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  1. Arshid Baba says:

    Thanks for inspiring me to start the new year with a positive and happy note.

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