The Conversation That Could Change the Holidays

This Holiday Season
Are you a holiday lover, hater, or somewhere in-between — depending on the year?

Even if you absolutely live for the holidays, your partner may not share in your enthusiasm. Have you ever noticed that your holiday spirit can at times get a little “spirited” aka, sprinkled with extra bickering? The holiday season, with its endless parties, shopping, family gatherings and heavy fare, can throw even great relationships for a loop. Losing touch with your primary partner can cause you to lose touch with your heart, your vitality and natural good cheer.

[Single folks, be sure to read my Anti-COSMO post: Single for the Holidays? for a unique perspective on the gift of being single for the holidays.]

Is it possible to enjoy the holidays and stay connected to yourself and your partner, while visiting your hostile mother-in-law?

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Football teams gather in a huddle to plan an upcoming play. The huddle unites the team and increases their chances of winning, regardless of what happens next.

I recommend couples do this before the holidays as well.

  • Do you know what your lover would really like to do with his or her holiday season?
  • Are you aware of the patterns that crop up for you as a couple during the holidays, and how you can side-step them?
  • Do you have a plan B for when unexpected events like snow or sickness pop up?
    In order to make your holiday season look and feel more like you want it to, have a huddle – a well structured, pre-season conversation with your partner, and maybe, even your kids.

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