June Gloom

If you’re one of those who noticed that I haven’t written a muse-letter in a while, there might be a reason for that: my fingertips are pruned. In New York, it has rained a chilly rain almost every day for the entire month of June. “June Gloom” is a term used to describe the cool, gray late spring weather patterns in Southern California. Well, it’s one thing to have June Gloom if 10 out of 12 months of the year are June-like. As for me living in the Northeast, I wait every year for this exquisite month when the temperature and light are beautiful by day, and it is still cool enough to sleep well at night.

So, this June leaves me feeling disappointed, cold, and a little soggy. I get to play with the notion of expectations and the experience of disappointment. I ask myself questions like, “How do I keep sunny, warm and low humidity inside when it is rainy, cool and humid outside?” And more practically, “What’s the best way to spend this hour I thought I would be spending on the tennis court?” And finally, I remind myself that in many traditions, rain symbolizes blessings.

And blessings are there, as I find refuge in connecting with loved ones, taking care of business, snuggling and watching movies. It’s not time to frolic outside yet. It’s an internal spring.

It may be easy to shift and to think about things in this way in regards to the weather. It is not so easy to be light, playful and flexible when the disappointments in life are much larger, as these times seem to present challenging circumstances for so many. What I wish for you as you move into summer, even if where you live it is hot and sunny, is to keep clear skies inside and to receive the nourishment that moisture brings.

And remember, Love Yourself no matter what.

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