Leadership & Marketing Lessons from A Turkey

I was on the phone with my business and marketing coach, pouring through the details of why my latest course launch failed.

I was pacing. We both think it’s a great course, so I was very curious as to what happened. But as she was outlining the day’s marketing lesson, I was distracted by a fuzzy ball of color, floating in circles on the lawn outside my bedroom window.

On second look, I saw it was a turkey. A male turkey. Full tail and breast feathers out, chin tucked in, strutting his stuff. Now, if you have never seen a turkey doing a mating dance, it is a sight. There are literal dance moves: Tippy toes, head moves, contractions, and fanning of wings, one at a time. It is hysterical.


Trying to capture a turkey from your window while on an important call is tough. But I had to share what I could.

And the females, happily eating the bugs and grass seed in my lawn, couldn’t be bothered.

The first thing I thought, as a relationship consultant, was how nice it was that the male was doing all the fussing and primping.

And then, as a leadership consultant, as I watched the turkey parade about in semi-eyeshot of three seemingly preoccupied females, I thought: This turkey is going to get laid.

It didn’t matter that the ladies were ignoring him, more in the mood for eating than mating. He was convinced that he had something they wanted, even if they didn’t know it yet. He was going to show it proudly to the world, repeatedly, until one of those hens finally took note, and suddenly found themselves pushing new turkeys out into the world.

So here’s what I got: Keep strutting your stuff. It doesn’t matter if anyone is looking yet. They will. Practice, focus, commit. You are going to PRO create. And bring new things into the world.

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12 responses to “Leadership & Marketing Lessons from A Turkey”

  1. Oh my word, this is a fantastic post! Love your message, the synchronicity of Mr. Turkey, and particularly the witty, powerful “You are going to PRO create.” I’m so glad I found my way here.

  2. Lalita Raman says:

    I loved this post and this “Keep Strutting your stuff ” made my day. Thank you for the reminder Blair.

  3. Wonderful analogy-metaphor Blair (and you know how I love them). I do think that women in general tend to have difficulty with “strutting our stuff”; but then it’s the male cardinal that greets me each a.m. that gets my attention with his bright red coat. I barely see his “female mate” nearby.

    You just keep strutting your stuff and the world will come to feed at your door!


    • Blair Glaser says:

      Hey Linda! Oh those birds, how much they have to teach us. I, too, believe we women have a little more struggle with strutting, so male turkeys are a good role model. Thanks so much for your feedback and encouragement.

  4. Terri Klass says:

    Gobbled up this post, Blair and laughed all the way! You have such an incredible sense of humor in your writing. We all do need to show the world our gifts and talents. Sooner or later they will be noticed! Just terrific!

  5. lollydaskal says:

    You are noticed.

    The question I have for you… are you noticed for what you want to be noticed for or what others want to see you for?

    You are amazing! Remember that.


    • Blair Glaser says:

      Hi Lolly,
      So nice to see you here. Thanks for commenting and posting such a rich, layered response. The question runs deep, but you are hitting the nail on the head in that I am experiencing some clumsiness in my transition from traditional therapist to a consultant, teacher and entrepreneur. Thanks for encouraging me to pursue greater clarity and faith in myself, it means a lot.

  6. Pat says:

    I chime in with above remarks re the key and fabulous point!
    For sure was my favorite part…
    (Ah, if only we could know which was the sound bite that grabbed everyone?!?)

    Keep strutting your stuff

    Thank you, Blair.
    Keep strutting your stuff!!

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