Skip the Side of Lies: Blossom Instead

If you feel that your current job (or lack there of) is not challenging you or utilizing the depth of your creativity, you’ll start to dream of what you could be doing.

Some of those dreams will be escapist — you’ll recognize them because they include fantasies like giving your academy award speech or doing nothing on a deserted island. Without your children. Forever.

And others will be a realistic expression of your talent and desire. Owning your own business. Working for you. Speaking. Writing. Being an artist.

These possibilities always come with a side order of lies, to shut you down and keep you put.

Lie 1: You think you need more time.

You may never be more ready than you are now.

What you need is courage.

Lie 2: You think you need to be “more together.”

All sorts of people with all sorts of issues run businesses, coaching practices and more.

What you need are other people. To reflect your talent and potential. To help you through the discomfort of growth.

Lie 3: You think you need more training.

More training is good for new tools, keeping up with the times, and things like additional certification and Continuing Education Units. But the real learning takes place in action.

What you need is faith in yourself. And perhaps, the right mentor.

If you’ve told yourself these lies, there is no better time than RIGHT NOW, to turn within and look at what’s needed to cultivate the vision that’s been in your heart.

Skip the side of lies. They make you feel all greasy and weighed down in the end. Share on X

Share your truth.

For the good of all.

You can find a professional, a mastermind group or a solid partnership to help you.

There are affordable online and in person options.
But whether you blossom or lie, grow or perish, Love Yourself, no matter what.


5 responses to “Skip the Side of Lies: Blossom Instead”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks Blair! Very timely. It’s as though you wrote thus just for me. 🙂

  2. Terri Klass says:

    It is most true that we can talk ourselves out of making a change or career move so easily. I know that initially I get excited and sometimes the momentum turns itself into reasons why I might not be able to do something. It is so much about having the confidence to just do it.

    Terrific post, Blair!

    • Blair Glaser says:

      Terri thanks so much for sharing your very relatable process with moving into new territory. Confidence. That’s the ticket!!! Always love your comments and perspective. Thanks, Terri.

  3. Tom Rhodes says:

    Couldn’t have been timed better for a newly unemployed person. Thank you so much.

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