How to Make the Right Hire

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By following these 15 tips, you’ll conduct a smooth and professional interview—and increase your chances of making and retaining the Read article

When Fear is Mean

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Amidst the clank and clatter of a bustling coffee shop, I shared my latest fear with a girlfriend. “I’m scared about writing… Read more

Honestly Speaking

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It is important to consider when and how honesty is useful, and how much honesty is necessary to get your Read more

The Gift That Opens You

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This weekend I celebrated the 50th year of a close friend. It was a momentous and intimate gathering, and many… Read more

How to Prevent a Fight

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When a big storm is coming, mother nature lets you know. Wind, clouds, humidity and barometric pressure all change in Read more

Tribe, Tribe Again

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  A few years ago, when Twitter was new and addicting, a tweet popped up that caught my eye. It… Read more

The Year in Impact

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Here we are, again at the start. So many new opportunities to lead in love, to hold your own while… Read more


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A little while ago I crossed paths with the most gorgeous, good natured, collarless puppy. I named him Brad Pitt-Bull… Read more

Three tone tree


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September: That bittersweet month for summer lovers when the lightly marked appointment books and lively green memories fade into the… Read more

Tragedy and Humanity

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I felt my heart leap into my throat and tears stream down my cheeks, and I noticed others blinking back Read more

The Year in Peeps

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Watching the snow fall during a recent storm here in the East, I thought about how those tiny little flakes Read more

Role, Role, Role in the Hay

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When you clarify your roles in relationship and bring consciousness to the leadership in them, something sacred happens. All the Read more

Reclaiming Arrogance

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I know what some of you might be thinking. Ummm, Blair, did I read the title of this one correctly?… Read more

June Gloom

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If you're one of those who noticed that I haven't written a muse-letter in a while, there might be a… Read more

The Secret Shadow

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"Forget your perfect offering, There is a crack, a crack in everything That's how the light gets in."----Leonard Cohen Hallelujah! "The… Read more

Off the Hook

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Although there are "hookless" ways to establish closeness and intimacy, hooking can eventually lead to meaningful relationships. But there is Read more

Showing Up

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Years ago, an attractive  man from Colorado contacted me. He wanted to get to know me better. I told him… Read more