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 the hard stuff behind the light

the hard stuff behind the light

Are you single (or dreading the season) and ready to step into your authority this holiday season?

You’ll get information about ways to stay connected over the holidays — through articles, no-cost blab free coaching events, or by signing up for the Holiday Singles Survival Camp — an amazing way to learn, grow, grieve, thrive and connect with like-minded folk to get the most out of this holiday season.

In the meantime — Look around.

    Here are few steps to start making this holiday season remarkable:

1) Hop on over to the blog and check out my many posts on how to step closer to a life you love

2) Check out any upcoming free blabs or low-cost mini-courses.

3) Check out the individual / couples course, Intimate Authority showing you how to stay in your authority and reduce drama in finding love or making love stay

4) Click here for a FREE 20 minute consultation to discuss if the Holiday Survival Singles Camp is for you, and discover the best path for you to get the skills and perspective you need to create a life you feel satisfied by.