Authority is Sexy

Some people in positions of authority have given it a bad rap. But when you stand in your personal authority, when you act as the author of your own life, there is nothing more inspiring or alluring.

Don’t you crave that kind of mastery?

My name is Blair Glaser.

I’m a NYS licensed psychotherapist, leadership mentor and relationship coach. I have been a student and practitioner of personal authority for more than 15 years. I would be delighted to assist you in standing in your authority.

because authority is attractive

Two Ways Perfectionism Affects Your Authority

Years ago I heard a captivating talk by Resonate author Nancy Duarte at the World Domination Summit. Duarte’s talk, delivered seamlessly and in fact, resonating deeply, was about the elements of a great speech.  Her talk modeled everything she spoke of: it had a good story arc in which the audience was the hero, and she, as guide, clearly illustrated the potential for our success as speakers. She spoke mostly of renown speakers like Martin Luther King Jr. and Steve Jobs, but she included just the right...


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Personal Authority

You want to create a life you feel thrilled by.

You want the freedom to take risks in life and love.

But maybe you’re starting to realize that doing it all on your own isn’t working.

Step into your authority via authority mentoring.


Professional Authority

Do you struggle with knowing how to have certain kinds of uncomfortable conversations, how to get your team to work effectively, and create a culture that breeds productivity and loyalty?

I help leaders step into their authority and cultivate their leadership presence — from building teams, running meetings and giving presentations, to creating effective off-site retreats.